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Julius Meyer-Boekhoff    edit     add a spouse
Born -- to Theodor Georg Emil Meyer and Catharina Henriette Christine Boekhoff. Julius and Lucie did not have any children, and Julius died quite young. He was a doctor and knew that he had inherited a genetic disease (from his father), so he kept a strict diet. Julius had an illegitimate son, which he and Lucie were in the process of adopting, but then the mother changed her mind, so he never became a legal Boekhoff.

During World War II, Julius had himself sent to a psychiatric clinic because he did not want to have anything to do with the war (as a doctor he would have had to get involved somehow). Julius and Lucie liked to travel to exotic places, their house in Bremen was filled with various souvenirs from their trips, and they had quite a collection of books on alternative religion and philosophy. They still had some land in Ostfriesland until the end. (This personal information courtesy of Oliver Hoffmann. Lucie was his grandmother's sister).

Source: Die Kirchborgumer Buurman, herausgegeben von Heinrich Buurman 1977.

Photos: Possibly Julius' Grandfather 1;   Possibly Julius' Grandmother 1;   Possibly Julius' Grandfather 2;   Possibly Julius' Grandmother 2

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Partnered with Lucie Reimann.