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Cornelia van der Veer    edit     add a spouse
Born 1924-12-26 to Johannes van der Veer and Geertje Boekhoff. A memory told by Abel, Cornelia's son: My mother told me how she went on the bike together with her mother (Geerdtje) from Groningen to Bunderhammrich to visit her grandfather and grandmother. That was in the second world war, there were no trains. It was a long distance. Later they went with the car, they put blankets on their legs so they kept warm. I was very impressed about this, especially that we now these days take our car and drive to Germany in one hour.

Photos: Daughters Suzan and Hennie;   Family of Roelf and Cornelia

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Partnered with Roelf Velting.
Children from this relationship:

          Greetje Velting (F) Born 1954-04-19
          Abel Velting (M) Born 1956-09-27
          Suzan Velting (F) Born 1961-01-13
          Hennie Velting (F) Born 1961-01-13